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Tag Archives: Government Programs Fraud

Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer, Inc. To Pay $785 Million In Settlement Of Qui Tam Lawsuit Alleging that Subsidiary Wyeth LLC Engaged in Fraudulent Antacid Drug Rebate Scheme

Department of Justice (DOJ) recently entered into a settlement of a qui tam lawsuit against Pfizer, Inc. and its subsidiary Wyeth LLC.  Pursuant to the settlement, Pfizer will pay $784.6 million. According to the allegations of the case, from 2001 to 2006, Wyeth engaged in healthcare fraud by failing to inform Medicaid about the discounts […]

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Government Contractor Hayner Hoyt Corporation Admits To Violations Of Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside Regulations; Will Pay $5 Million To Settle False Claims Act Case

Hayner Hoyt Corporation of Syracuse, NY, and several executives in its leadership team, admitted wrongdoing in connection with the settlement of a False Claims Act qui tam lawsuit that alleged a scheme targeted at the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Hayner Hoyt allegedly created a sham company, 229 Constructors LLC, in order to procure contracts […]

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Leading Medical Device Company, Olympus Corporation of the Americas, Settles Kickback Charges For An Historic $646 Million Dollars

The biggest settlement in U.S. history under the Anti-Kickback Statute was recently entered into by Olympus Corporation of the Americas (“Olympus”), a medical device company headquartered in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Olympus settled related civil and criminal charges for a substantial $646 million dollars. The complaints allege that the company engaged in various kickback schemes to […]

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Four Pennsylvania-based Companies and Owners Settle Customs and Shipping Fraud Lawsuit for $3 Million; Plead Guilty to Related Criminal Charges

Earlier this week, Ameri-Source International Inc., a Pennsylvania-based company, and three other related companies, agreed to settle a qui tam lawsuit for $3 million. The False Claims Act lawsuit alleged that Ameri-Source International Inc. evaded so-called “antidumping” duties on several shipments of small-diameter graphite electrodes that originated from the People’s Republic of China. An antidumping […]

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Centerra Services International Inc. Settles Qui Tam Lawsuit That Alleged Fraudulent Billing Practices At Military Bases In Iraq; Agrees to Pay $7.4 Million

The Department of Justice (DOJ)  recently announced the settlement of a qui tam lawsuit against security services company Centerra Services International Inc. (formerly known as Wackenhut Services LLC) in relation to their violation of the False Claims Act.  According to the allegations of the case, from 2008 to 2010, Wackenhut engaged in government programs fraud […]

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Goldman Sachs To Pay $5 Billion To Settle Mortgage-Backed Securities Fraud Claims

Goldman Sachs is the latest of a string of financial institutions to reach a settlement with federal and state officials to resolve allegations of fraud in connection with the underwriting and sale of mortgage-backed securities.  The firm recently announced that it has agreed to pay a total of $5 billion to resolve these allegations.  The […]

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Nursing Home Therapy Provider, Kindred/Rehabcare, Agrees to Pay $125 Million To Settle Qui Tam Lawsuit Alleging Medicaid and Medicare Healthcare Fraud

On January 12, 2016, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that RehabCare Group Inc., RehabCare Group East, and their parent company, Kindred Healthcare (Kindred/Rehabcare) agreed to pay the government $125 million to settle a qui tam lawsuit alleging that it violated the false claims act (FCA) by knowingly causing its skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to […]

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International Ocean Cargo Carrier Agrees to Pay $9.8 Million in Settlement of False Claims Act Lawsuit Alleged That It Overbilled the Government

On October 27, 2015, APL Limited, an ocean carrier based in Scottsdale, Arizona, agreed to pay the government $9.8 million to resolve allegations that it violated the False Claims Act (FCA) when it allegedly failed to adhere to a Department of Defense (DOD) contract to provide GPS tracking of containers shipped to Afghanistan. APL also […]

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European Pharmaceutical Giant Novartis Settles False Claims Act Whistleblower Case for $390 Million

Novartis AG, a European based pharmaceutical company, agreed to settle a False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit for $390 million, a week before the original $3.3 billion FCA lawsuit was set to go to trial on November 2, 2015. The initial lawsuit, filed in 2010 by qui tam whistleblower, David Kester, alleged that the pharmaceutical giant […]

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