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Connecticut Whistleblower Lawyer

What happens when you notice discrepancies in a patient’s medical chart and see that their treatment does not match the billing codes submitted to Medicare? Or, if you work on a government contract and are asked to cut corners in your work, or you see a bid for a new government contract is clearly too low? When you realize something wrong within your company, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Do you risk your job and speak directly with leadership? Or do you let it go, knowing that you might be allowing fraud to continue?

Once you come to terms with the reality of your situation, your next move should be to speak with a Connecticut whistleblower lawyer who can advise you on the next best steps to take. If you have information about fraudulent activity in Connecticut, you may qualify to be a whistleblower. Becoming a whistleblower grants you certain protection from retaliation and makes you eligible for a financial reward if your case is successful. Ask our qui tam attorneys about your legal rights and options today.

Becoming a Whistleblower in Connecticut

Working in a field like defense, healthcare, or security comes with immense responsibility. This is amplified when dealing with taxpayer funds. Attempts to claim more money from the government than what is allowed ultimately hurts taxpayers.

The inside information whistleblowers can provide to the government is invaluable. It is often the only or the strongest evidence the government has against the perpetrator. Without the courage of whistleblowers, the government would not have the ability to correct such grievous crimes and recover billions of taxpayer dollars.

One of the most important decisions you can make is whether to report wrongdoing within your company.

You may fear risking the loss of your job. Fortunately, as a whistleblower in Connecticut, you have certain rights, including the right to anonymity in most cases and protection from retaliation, including blacklisting, firing, or a deduction of pay or hours.

If you know of fraud within your company, speak to the law firm of Tycko & Zavareei LLP today to explore your options. We offer a confidential and risk-free consultation to assess your situation and provide guidance on what to do next.

Common Types of Fraud in Connecticut

Both the federal government and Connecticut have laws protecting and rewarding whistleblowers who report fraud. Although fraud can appear in many areas, the most common form of fraud in Connecticut involves healthcare.

Healthcare fraud in Connecticut typically involves misusing Medicare, Medicaid, V.A., or TRICARE funds. This can look like

  • Billing for medical procedures and treatments that were never administered
  • Duplicate billing
  • Prescribing unnecessary tests and treatment
  • Giving or accepting kickbacks (gifts) in exchange for Medicare or Medicaid business, including patient referrals or prescribing certain pharmaceutical drugs
  • Upcoding or charging for more expensive treatments when a cheaper treatment was available or administered

Medical fraud is not the only type of case where a Connecticut whistleblower can offer valuable information. Other types of fraud in Connecticut include:

  • Falsifying qualifications and information in order to receive government benefits, grants, or contracts
  • Submitting substandard products or services to the government or not delivering the product or service specified by the terms of a government contract
  • Misusing grant money for purposes other than what it was awarded for
  • Tax fraud. This may include tax evasion, underreporting income, claiming deductions or credits that the filer is unqualified for, using illegal tax shelters, and more
  • Failure to pay customs duties on imported goods to the U.S.

If you have witnessed fraud within a company, your voice can make all the difference to help stop entities from breaking the law. Speaking with a Connecticut whistleblower lawyer is the first step toward correcting illegal practices.

How Are Connecticut Whistleblowers Rewarded?

The Connecticut False Claims Act makes it illegal to commit fraud against a state-administered health program or human services program by presenting false claims to secure payment. It institutes treble damages (or three times the amount of losses the state suffered as a result of the fraud), as well as civil fines up to $11,000 per violation. Whistleblowers who report fraud can receive up to 30% of the amount of money recovered.

Similarly, the federal False Claims Act offers whistleblowers a reward of up to 30% of the government’s total financial award in a successful qui tam case.

Other federal whistleblower programs, including the IRS Whistleblower Program and the SEC Whistleblower program, also reward whistleblowers up to 30% of the amount recovered.

Do not make the mistake of waiting too long to come forward about any crime within your company. The time to speak up is now.

What is a Qui Tam Case?

Qui tam lawsuits are filed by the whistleblower, known in such cases as a “relator,” on behalf of the government.

Though the government does not participate in every qui tam case, an individual can still pursue a lawsuit independently with the help of a qui tam lawyer. However, cases in which the government does intervene often have the best chance of being successful. An experienced whistleblower lawyer licensed to practice in Connecticut will know how to build a strong case to help convince the government to participate.

The Connecticut Attorney General’s Office has prosecuted many qui tam cases, resulting in the repayment of funds to both the government and Connecticut taxpayers. Such examples include:

  • Family Care VNA: In 2017, Family Care Visiting Nurse and Home Care Agency, LLC settled a $5.25 million lawsuit for allegations that the agency violated the federal FCA and Connecticut FCA by fraudulently billing Medicaid.
  • J & L Medical: In 2016, J&L MEDICAL SERVICES, LLC paid $600,000 in a settlement for allegedly violating the federal FCA and Connecticut FCA by using unlicensed technicians to provide medical services to Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Contact a Connecticut Whistleblower Attorney Today

If you are aware of fraud within a company, you do not have to sit in silence or fear retaliation. By acting as a whistleblower, you can help make right grievous wrongdoings. These crimes do not only affect employees and taxpayers, but also innocent beneficiaries and in some cases, patients needing adequate care. The information you have is valuable, and you have the ability to make a difference.

The Connecticut whistleblower lawyers at Tycko & Zavareei LLP have decades of experience in handling such cases and are here to help you. Consultations are always confidential and risk-free. Contact our experienced attorneys today, and we will guide you through every step of the way.

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