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Cybersecurity is another area where the Department of Justice needs individuals to report wrongdoing.  Due to an increasing threat of cyberattacks, the Government is focused on the importance of robust cybersecurity protections.  Where such protections are a material requirement of payment or participation under a Government-funded program or contract, the knowing failure to include such protections could give rise to False Claims Act liability.

The Department of Justice along with a group of state attorneys general obtained a False Claims Act settlement when a technology company failed to report or correct defects in the security surveillance system it sold to the Government.  The flaws made the Government system vulnerable to hackers.  Read NYT Article. 

In this case, the Government was assisted by an individual who reported the fraud.  Thankfully, the fraud was reported in time because the Government investigation uncovered no evidence that a hack actually occurred, and the software was discontinued.

If you are aware of old, new, or evolving fraud schemes affecting cybersecurity, the Department of Justice may be very interested in learning more about the information you have.  You may also be entitled to a financial reward.  Tell us about the information you have at and we will provide you a free consultation.


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