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Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud is a top priority of the United States Department of Justice’s enforcement efforts under the False Claims Act. Over a recent four-year period, 80% of the $11.4 billion recovered by the Department of Justice under the False Claims Act was in healthcare fraud cases. Those cases involved fraud in the Medicare, Medicaid and other taxpayer-funded healthcare programs. The primary way the Department of Justice uncovered the fraud that led to these recoveries was from reports by whistleblowers. Over that same four year period, whistleblowers received more than $1.54 billion as their share of these recoveries.

If you have knowledge of any fraud, waste, or abuse in the Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, Veterans, or Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) healthcare programs, the United States Department of Justice may be interested in speaking with you and your attorney. If your reporting of healthcare fraud leads to a recovery of money, you may be entitled to a reward under a whistleblower law called the “False Claims Act.” The Department of Justice has recovered BILLIONS of dollars in healthcare fraud thanks to ordinary individuals like you who report fraud, waste, and abuse.

There are also protections for whistleblowers who have already been retaliated against by their employers for reporting the fraud to the employer first. If you tell us about the information you have, we will provide you a free consultation. Complete the short contact form and an attorney from our firm will promptly call you.

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