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Whistleblower Lawyer Kentucky

Fraud against the federal government steals tax dollars from the American people. It can be difficult to expose fraud, which is why it is so important for people with insider information, known as whistleblowers, to come forward.

If you are aware of a company’s deceitful attempts to claim more money from Medicare, Medicaid, government grants, and similar government-funded programs, or attempts to withhold money owed to the U.S. government, you may be entitled to a financial award for coming forward.

In many cases in order to file a whistleblower lawsuit, you are required to have a lawyer. The Tycko & Zavareei LLP whistleblower lawyers specialize in helping whistleblowers in Kentucky and other states. Get a free consultation today to learn more about the steps to filing a Kentucky whistleblower lawsuit.

How Can I Expose Fraud in the Commonwealth of Kentucky?

Fraud happens when someone lies or hides information, often to cheat someone out of money. When a company lies or conceals information from the government, the government loses the tax dollars of its people, ultimately hurting all of its citizens.

Fraud is often difficult to prove, which is why the government needs help from people who have inside information, such as employees. These people are often called whistleblowers. If you are aware of fraud happening at your company in Kentucky, you may be eligible to file a whistleblower lawsuit under the False Claims Act or similar whistleblower programs.

How Does the False Claims Act Protect Whistleblowers in Kentucky?

The False Claims Act allows you as the whistleblower to file a lawsuit against your employer or a similar entity on behalf of the U.S. government. It also protects you against retaliation from your employer. If you win your case, you may be entitled to up to 30% of the recovered amount.

The False Claims Act is a federal law that penalizes fraud against the federal government anywhere in the country.

What is the Kentucky Medicaid Anti-Fraud Statute?

While some states have their own False Claims Act to combat fraud against the commonwealth government and its programs, Kentucky does not. Kentucky does, however, have laws that prohibit submitting false claims to Medicaid specifically. Similar to the federal False Claims Act, the Kentucky Medicaid Anti-Fraud Statute financially rewards whistleblowers for reporting Medicaid fraud and protects them from employer retaliation.

What Can I Recover From a Whistleblower Lawsuit in Kentucky?

We cannot tell you the exact amount you will receive from a successful whistleblower lawsuit. However, under the False Claims Act, you can receive between 15 to 30% of the recovered amount. The amount you get will depend on the final amount recovered by the government.

The payout can depend on the severity of the fraud and how long it occurred. The False Claims Act imposes treble damages (or three times the amount defrauded from the government). When years-long schemes are uncovered, the final amount recovered can sometimes be in the millions.

How Can a Kentucky Whistleblower Lawyer Help Me With My Case?

Whistleblower lawyers specialize in handling cases of fraud against the U.S. government. At our firm, we will work with you to compile evidence and build a strong whistleblower case to increase the likelihood of a successful recovery.

In most cases, you are required to have a lawyer in order to file a whistleblower lawsuit. This is to help protect your identity. However, your choice of attorney can significantly affect the outcome of your case.

When you come to Tycko & Zavareei LLP for an initial consultation, we will review your case and help you determine if you may be eligible to file a whistleblower lawsuit, and if so, what you may expect throughout the litigation. Our Kentucky whistleblower lawyers will help represent your interests throughout the case, and fight for its successful resolution.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Whistleblower Lawyer in Kentucky?

It is natural to be worried about legal fees and the cost of hiring a lawyer. At Tycko & Zavareei LLP, we operate on a contingency fee system. What this means is that you do not pay for our services upfront.

Our initial consultations are always free. This session allows us to go over the facts of your case and discuss your legal options with you. If we determine that you may have a potential whistleblower case and you decide to work with us, we will only charge you for our services if you win your case. We take a certain percentage to cover our legal fees from what you recover.

Why Hire Tycko & Zavareei LLP?

Tycko & Zavareei LLP has helped clients in over thirty states, helping to recover over $7 billion in total. We are proud to help whistleblowers in the state of Kentucky.

We have helped expose fraud against the government in several areas, including fraud in the healthcare system, government contracts, and customs and tariffs. From the amounts recovered, our clients have received substantial awards for their important roles in the litigation.

We bring years of experience to each case we chose to take on. Some of our lawyers have worked with the US Department of Justice, providing them with an intimate knowledge of what the government looks for when deciding which whistleblower lawsuits to join and investigate.

Contact a Kentucky Whistleblower Lawyer Today

At Tycko & Zavareei LLP, we are proud to help whistleblowers in the state of Kentucky. We understand that coming forward with inside information may be scary. However, you are not alone; we are ready to help.

Call us today or contact us online for your free, confidential consultation.

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