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If I have information about fraud on the government, why should I consider bringing a qui tam case under the False Claims Act?

The False Claims Act is specifically designed to encourage whistleblowers to come forward and report fraud, and to pursue qui tam whistleblower cases on behalf of the government.  A successful qui tam whistleblower is entitled to a minimum of 15% of the total recovery, and can obtain as much as 30% of the recovery in some circumstances. In many cases, relators have received awards of millions of dollars as a result of their right to share in the recovery. These large shares are also designed to create economic incentives for whistleblower lawyers to agree to represent qui tam relators in False Claims Act cases. In addition to the potential monetary reward, many qui tam relators are corporate whistleblowers and others who are motivating to expose fraud against the government by patriotism and a strong desire for fairness and justice. These whistleblowers are true heroes, who take on risks and burdens for the good of their country and fellow taxpayers.