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A Big Flex: Whistleblower Awarded 17% in Myofascial Muscle Therapy False Billing Scheme Settlement

Date Published
Mar 04, 2024

MARCH 4, 2024. Brynwood Myofascial Therapy LLC (Brynwood), an Illinois-based skilled therapy provider, and both its current owner, Malgorzata Zasadny and its former owner, Marla Monge, will pay $1.5 million to resolve allegations they submitted false claims to Medicare. The whistleblower who brought the case will receive 17% of the settlement amount.

Brynwood offers a specific kind of therapy, myofascial release therapy, designed to alleviate connective tissue restrictions, restoring the client’s motion and relieving pain. The United States alleged that Brynwood, Zasadny, and Monge submitted fraudulent bills to Medicare on several occasions since its opening in 2012. Brynwood, Zasadny, and Monge repeatedly billed Medicare for services while the provider was not in the country, for therapy services that were not performed by licensed practitioners, and for services when there were no licensed therapy professionals on site. Additionally, they submitted bills under the incorrect codes to avoid Medicare caps on specific services. Caps are imposed by Medicare to limit how much it pays for a patient’s treatment. Submitting false claims to get around these caps allowed Brynwood to improperly continue to receive money from Medicare. These actions threaten the well-being of patients, damage the integrity of government programs, and hurt taxpayers.

Brynwood will pay $858,563.10, Zasadny will pay $95,395.90, and Monge will pay $615,345 to resolve these claims brought by whistleblower Penny Mcguire, a former employee of Brynwood. McGuire will receive over $266,700 for her efforts in the case.

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