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Government Contracts Fraud – Case Against Government Contractor

Outcome: $377,453,150 settlement | $69,828,832 whistleblower reward

In conjunction with attorneys at KaiserDillon PLLC, Jonathan Tycko represented a whistleblower in a False Claims Act qui tam case against government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. (Booz Allen). The First Amended Complaint, filed in 2017 and unsealed at the time of settlement, detailed how Booz Allen allegedly overcharged the government to subsidize its expansion from its traditional government consulting business into consulting for private industry and foreign governments. Specifically, the contractor allegedly allocated costs from its commercial and international business to its government contracts and subcontracts and concealed how it accounted for those costs. The government settled the case with Booz Allen for $377,453,150 and the whistleblower will receive a $69,828,832 reward or approximately 18.5% of the settlement.

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