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Electronic Healthcare Records Fraud: Qui Tam Lawsuits Explained

Whistleblower lawyer Renée Brooker explains Electronic Health Records (EHR) fraud. EHR technology is intended to improve healthcare services, but the switch to electronic format has created new opportunities for fraud and abuse.

If you have information that your employer is engaging in EHR fraud, you may contact one of our qui tam lawyers to learn how you may blow the whistle. Whistleblowers may be eligible for a significant monetary reward.

Watch the video or read the transcript below.

February 2023
Electronic Health Records Fraud

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tycko & Zavareei LLP Partner Renée Brooker

Our doctor’s offices are becoming electronic, and the Medicare program now provides financial incentives to encourage healthcare providers to use electronic health records technology known as EHR. While intended to improve healthcare services, the transition to an electronic format has also introduced new opportunities for fraud and abuse.

What is Electronic Health Records Fraud?

When a software provider or anyone in the healthcare industry decides they are not going to comply with the Medicare rules involving EHR, the DOJ uses the False Claims Act to get its money back.

When Should I Report Electronic Health Records Fraud?

If your employer is doing any of the following things, Uncle Sam wants to hear from you:

  • misrepresenting the capabilities of any product,
  • giving a healthcare provider something of financial value to induce the provider to recommend the EHR software to other health care providers,
  • giving an EHR software developer something of financial value to program the software to increase prescriptions for a certain drug or brand of medical equipment,
  • obtaining a government contract to implement an EHR system but failing to properly handle and protect patient medical information,
  • or knowingly violating any Medicare requirements.

Do You Have Information About EHR Fraud? Contact Our Qui Tam Attorneys

If your case is successful, there are financial rewards for whistleblowers under the False Claims Act, and there are protections against retaliation for raising your concerns to your employer or the government. Call us at Tycko & Zavareei or go to fraud

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