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Government Contracts Fraud: Qui Tam Lawsuits Explained

Whistleblower lawyer Renée Brooker explains government contracts fraud and when it is time for you to bring a qui tam lawsuit to blow the whistle on such fraud.

You may be eligible for whistleblower rewards for bringing a successful case. Our qui tam experts can help you understand your rights as a whistleblower and the types of evidence you may need to build a successful case.

To know more, watch the video or read the transcript below.

January 2023
Government Contracts Fraud

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tycko & Zavareei LLP Partner Renée Brooker

The government relies on contractors for services, infrastructure, equipment, and expertise. When contractors decide they are not going to comply with the rules, the Department of Justice uses the False Claims Act to get its money back. But the DOJ needs the help of whistleblowers.

What Are The Examples Of Government Contracts Fraud?

If you work for a government contractor and your employer is doing any of the following, Uncle Sam wants to hear from you:

  • knowingly failing to comply with the terms of a government contract,
  • making false statements in bidding documents to get a government contract,
  • misrepresenting the cost of a project or underbidding on a contract,
  • bid-rigging or paying a kickback when bidding on a government contract,
  • charging the government for costs not allowed under the contract or costs not actually incurred,
  • falsely claiming eligibility for set aside contracts like claiming to be a small business when you’re not or a service disabled veteran-owned or women-owned small business when you don’t meet those requirements, or
  • knowingly violating Buy American or Trade Agreement Act requirements.

Are You Ready To Bring A Qui Tam Case?

If your case is successful, there are financial rewards for whistleblowers under the False Claims Act, and there are protections against retaliation for raising your concerns to your employer or the government.

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