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Laboratory Fraud: Qui Tam Lawsuits Explained

Laboratory and pathology testing is an important healthcare service used for patient diagnosis. However, some providers misuse the system to commit fraud. If you are aware of such fraud, you may want to speak to a whistleblower attorney at the earliest to do the right thing and claim whistleblower reward.

Lab fraud whistleblower lawyer Eva Gunasekera explains the characteristics of laboratory fraud so you may identify and report the wrongdoing. Contact us today to find out how to collect relevant evidence and protect yourself against retaliation.

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February 2023
Laboratory Fraud

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tycko & Zavareei LLP Partner Eva Gunasekera

What is Laboratory Fraud?

Laboratory and pathology testing is an important part of healthcare services. They help to diagnose and direct a patient’s healthcare needs. Unfortunately, some providers take advantage of patients and the system. Laboratory fraud may involve individual providers or larger networks of medical facilities. When healthcare providers decide they are going to excessively bill for lab services to make money, the Department of Justice uses the False Claims Act to get its money back.

Do I Have A False Claims Case Against My Employer?

You may have a False Claims Act case if your employer is doing any of the following:

– billing for unnecessary tests, including if the healthcare provider did not request that the tests be performed;

– billing for costlier testing than necessary, also known as upcoding, bundling and unbundling of tests;

– billing for sham services never performed;

– or if your employer is paying something of financial value to a healthcare provider in exchange for sending patient referrals, that can also be a case brought under the False Claims Act.

Ready to Blow the Whistle? Contact Tycko & Zavareei LLP

If your case is successful, there are financial rewards for whistleblowers and there are protections against retaliation for raising your concerns to your employer or the government. Contact whistleblower attorneys at Tycko & Zavareei today.

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