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Types of Whistleblower Cases

Government Construction Fraud

When it comes to the construction and improvement of cities and essential infrastructure, the government often turns to contractors to work on bridges, roads, airports, government buildings, and other important projects. Unfortunately, government construction fraud is not uncommon, and some contractors may attempt to collect money by bid-rigging, over-billing, and other schemes. Whistleblower cases against this type of fraud perform the invaluable public service of advancing the rehabilitation of our national infrastructure.

Common Government Construction Fraud Schemes

Some of the most common schemes used in government construction fraud include:

  • Use of bid-rigging, collusive rigging or intentional underbidding to win government contracts
  • Double billing or billing for work not actually performed
  • Use of substandard parts or materials, or otherwise failing to comply with contract specifications
  • Overestimating costs of building materials or supplies
  • Overestimating time spent on a project
  • Falsely claiming “minority-owned,” “woman-owned” or other status in order to obtain government contracts

While government oversight of contract projects exists, it is important for whistleblowers to come forward, with the help of experienced whistleblower lawyers, if they are aware of fraud being committed by a contractor.

If you are aware of fraudulent or false actions made on the part of a company or entity hired to complete a government construction project, you can blow the whistle by bringing a qui tam lawsuit against the company. Successful qui tam whistleblowers are eligible for an award of between 15% and 30% of the amount recovered.

Contact a False Claims Act Attorney

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