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Arizona Whistleblower Lawyer

If you witnessed a colleague submit false claims to receive undue government funding or if you were asked by leadership to engage in other fraudulent behavior, the morally right thing to do is report it.

That is much easier said than done, however, especially if you witnessed wrongdoing within your own workplace. You may not have any idea how to report the wrongdoing or who to report it to. Fortunately, our qui tam attorneys are here to help. If you have found yourself in a situation such as this, it may be in your best interests to discuss your situation in more detail with an Arizona whistleblower lawyer before taking further action.

Below, we will go over what a whistleblower does, how a qui tam claim would work, and how you can benefit from doing the right thing. Learn everything you need to know below.

What is a Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is an individual who witnesses a wrongdoing and then reports it under either the federal False Claims Act or a state whistleblower law, depending on whether the fraud was perpetuated against the federal or state government. The whistleblower journey is a complex one, however, having the right whistleblower lawyer by your side can make all the difference. In most cases, the whistleblower is coming from a place of limited power, and the entity they are blowing the whistle on has more power, resources, and finances.

What is a Qui Tam Case?

A qui tam case is a type of lawsuit brought a whistleblower on behalf of the government against a party who is alleged to have committed fraud against the government. The government decides whether to join your case based on the information you provide as a whistleblower. If they do, they can greatly assist the investigation and improve your chances of a successful outcome. If they do not, you can still pursue the case on your own. Our experienced Arizona whistleblower attorneys can help maximize your chances of having the government take your case.

Examples of Fraud and Whistleblower Lawsuits in Arizona

In Arizona, there are plenty of instances of companies and entities in the state engaging in fraudulent behavior that could lead to a whistleblower claim. Here are a few of the most common examples that lead to qui tam lawsuits in Arizona:

Federal False Claims Act

Whistleblower claims and qui tam lawsuits are made possible through the federal False Claims Act, which is designed to help the government fight fraud through whistleblowers.

Under the False Claims Act, filing a successful qui tam claim on behalf of the government may entitle you to a financial reward. Specifically, a whistleblower may receive 15 to 30 percent of the overall settlement amount in a successful claim, which can be substantial in cases of major fraud.

For instance, in 2009, the University of Phoenix settled a False Claim Act lawsuit for over $67.5 million. This whistleblower action was brought by two individuals, who both received $19 million when the case concluded.

Furthermore, whistleblowers who witness fraud are often hesitant to report it despite the financial incentive. This is usually due to an imbalance of power between the whistleblower and the entity committing the fraud. Fortunately, the False Claims Act protects whistleblowers who report fraud.

Specifically, this law prohibits your employer from retaliating against you for reporting any wrongdoing in good faith, even if the claim later fails. Employer retaliation may include a reduction of hours or pay, termination, harassment, threats, and any other disciplinary actions taken in response to an employee’s protected disclosure.

If you have more questions, consider checking out these whistleblower FAQs and videos for more details.

Arizona’s Whistleblower Law

Like many other states, Arizona has a law pertaining to whistleblowers that originally only applied to state employees but was later changed to include private sector employees. The law protects them from adverse employment actions such as discrimination and termination in retaliation to a protected disclosure. A protected disclosure includes any information about a company or organization’s attempts to break a law, such as by committing fraud against the Arizona state government.

If your employer does retaliate against you for making a protected disclosure, Arizona’s whistleblower law allows you to file a separate claim for damages such as back pay, reinstatement to a previously held position, and punitive damages.

Notable False Claims Act Lawsuits in Arizona

There have been several notable whistleblower claims in Arizona with some sizable settlement amounts. Here are just a few of the most talked about cases in Arizona:

When to Contact an Arizona Qui Tam Lawyer

If you witnessed fraud and are not sure what to do next, it is time to contact an attorney. The False Claims Act requires whistleblowers to have legal representation. Selecting the right law firm is crucial to your success. Be sure to with with a law firm like Tycko & Zavareei LLP that focuses on whistleblower cases nationwide.

Are You Searching for an Arizona Whistleblower Attorney?

When you have witnessed fraud within your workplace or a trusted organization, you often find yourself between a rock and a hard place. While the right thing to do is report the fraud, blowing the whistle can have real-life consequences, and it can mean going up against the company you work for.

If you are experiencing a potential whistleblower situation, consult with a well-versed Arizona whistleblower lawyer before you act. A good attorney can help you weigh out your options, understand your rights and responsibilities, and assist you in whatever decision you make going forward.

Are you ready to speak with a qualified qui tam attorney? Get in touch with the lawyers at Tycko & Zavareei LLP to schedule a confidential case evaluation today.

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