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New York Whistleblower Lawyer

You have noticed suspicious financial and billing activity within your company and though you may have raised your suspicions internally, it continues. If you believe you may have evidence that your employer is involved in fraud against the United States government, it might be time to take legal action.

A New York whistleblower lawyer from Tycko & Zavareei LLP can help you with your case. You can get a free and confidential consultation today.

How New York Whistleblowers Can Help Expose Fraud

Fraud is a broad term. It refers to dishonesty or the concealment of information that causes harm. Fraudulent actions often result in some gaining money dishonestly and others to lose what was rightfully theirs.

Fraud against the government is serious, but sometimes it is difficult to prove. Often the government relies on people with inside information (whistleblowers) to come forward with proof of fraudulent activity.

Whistleblower Lawsuits and Qui Tam

When employees discover fraudulent activity, they may be able to bring a lawsuit against their employer on behalf of the United States government. Cases like these are called whistleblower lawsuits. Another term for this type of lawsuit is a qui tam lawsuit.

How Are New York Whistleblowers Protected?

Whistleblowers are often in a difficult situation. They may be afraid to come forward with the information they have discovered due to fears of losing their job or facing other types of retaliation from their employer.

Under the federal False Claims Act, private citizens are able to file lawsuits on behalf of the United States government against companies that are engaging in fraudulent activity. If the lawsuit is successful, the whistleblower may receive a certain percentage of the recovered amount.

When you initially file your case, your identity is sealed, allowing you time to plan what you will do next. There is also an anti-retaliation portion of the False Claims Act. If your employer does retaliate against you, you may be able to pursue legal action.

In New York, there are also laws in place to reward whistleblowers who report fraud against the state of New York as well as New York City. Both laws are modeled after the federal False Claims Act. The New York City False Claims Act was enacted in 2005 and allows citizens to recover treble or triple damages for reporting fraud against the local government and New York City-funded programs. The New York False Claims Act similarly rewards whistleblowers for reporting false claims against the state government, including tax fraud.

When Can a Whistleblower Lawsuit Be Filed?

Any company or organization can commit fraud against the government. But here are a few common examples of fraud where a whistleblower might choose to file a lawsuit:

  • Tax fraud: Is your employer submitting false information about the company’s income, deductions, payroll, and more? You may be able to file a whistleblower lawsuit related to this fraud. If the tax violations meet or exceed $2 million, you may be eligible to receive 15 to 30% of the recovered amount.
  • Healthcare fraud: Sometimes healthcare groups are dishonest when billing government-funded insurance programs. For example, they might bill insurance groups like Medicare or Medicaid for services that the hospital did not perform or bill them for a service more than once. Other times, they may say a specialist performed a procedure instead of a general practitioner to charge more.
  • Government contracts fraud: Some government contractors that provide goods or services to the government may be dishonest. For example, they may lie about the product’s actual cost or attempt to charge the government more than it does its other customers for the same product.

Regardless of the type of fraud that you have knowledge of, consulting a New York whistleblower lawyer can help you determine your best course of action.

How Can a New York Whistleblower Lawyer Help Me?

The New York whistleblower law firm of Tycko & Zavareei LLP helps whistleblowers take legal action to expose fraud. We can review your evidence and determine if you can file a lawsuit. We are familiar with the laws that apply to your case and will work with you every step of the way to file the appropriate paperwork and take the right legal action.

Getting the right whistleblower attorney can make all the difference in ensuring your case is successfully resolved and that your rights are protected.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a New York Whistleblower Lawyer?

Our whistleblower lawyers want to help you understand your legal options, possible rewards, and how you can best move forward without having to worry about any legal fees.

At Tycko & Zavareei LLP, we use a contingency fee structure. This means we do not receive payment for our services until and unless your case is successful.

How Much Can New York Whistleblowers Receive?

The exact amount you can earn from a whistleblower lawsuit will depend on your specific circumstances. But if you are successful in your case, you may receive between 15 and 30% of the amount recovered by the government.

What Should I Do If I am Ready to Blow the Whistle on Fraud?

While every case is different, you can follow some basic steps if you are ready to expose fraud within your company:

  • Collect evidence: Be as thorough as you can be in collecting proof about the fraud you believe is happening.
  • Act sooner rather than later: Your timeframe for filing a lawsuit is bound by the statute of limitations. If more than one whistleblower comes forward to expose the same instance of fraud, only the one who files first actually gets the payout.
  • Consult a New York qui tam lawyer: Consult with a qui tam law firm that is experienced in handling whistleblower cases like yours.

Schedule a Confidential Consultation With Our Whistleblower Lawyers Today

Any qui tam case can seem intimidating and confusing. Our attorneys at Tycko & Zavareei LLP are ready to walk you through the legal process of filing a New York whistleblower lawsuit.

We are proud to serve our clients in the New York area and are ready to answer your questions. Schedule a free legal consultation with us today.

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